Family History with DNA Detective, Professor Turi King

Family History with DNA Detective, Professor Turi King

Family History with DNA Detective, Professor Turi King

Family History with DNA Detective, Professor Turi King

October 2 7.30pm

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Enjoy an evening with world-leading geneticist Professor Turi King as she explains the power of DNA! And how dynamic new developments have completely revolutionized the way we catch criminals and find missing relatives.

During a fascinating two-hour show, Turi will also take you behind the scenes of hit BBC 2 series DNA Family Secrets. She’ll reveal the heart-warming, and sometimes heart-breaking, real-life stories she’s worked on – and how it affects everyone involved in the making of the show.

“Sometimes people have waited their entire life to hear the truth,” explains Turi, “which makes my scientific work deeply personal.”

Turi will also discuss the improbability of cracking one of the biggest forensic DNA cases in history – the discovery and identification of King Richard III.

And how you yourself can unlock the mysteries of your own past.

(Pic: Karl Vivian)

About Turi:

Professor Turi King is a scientist, presenter, speaker and author who is passionate about communicating science to the public. Turi uses genetics in the fields of forensics, history, genealogy and archaeology. She is perhaps best known for her work “cracking one of the biggest forensic DNA cases in history” (Globe and Mail, February 2013) leading the genetics and identification of the remains of King Richard III.

Turi currently features in the BBC’s DNA Family Secrets alongside Stacey Dooley, the third series due to air in Autumn 2023, and presents Unearthed: Ancient Murder Mysteries, out this summer. She’s recently appeared with Dan Snow on The Black Death on Channel 5 and with Lucy Worsley in her series Unsolved Histories about the Princes in the Tower. She presented the Radio 4 documentary Genetics and the Longer Arm of the Law. Her other credits include featuring in British As Folk (UKTV), The Gadget Show (Channel 5), Cold Case (ZDF Germany), Britain’s Lost Battlefields (Channel 5), Richard III: The King in the Car Park (Channel 4), Britain’s Secret Treasures (ITV), Crimewatch (BBC) among many others. She’s appeared on many programmes on BBC Radio 4 including The Life Scientific, Inside Science and The Reunion as well as radio programmes in Canada and elsewhere.

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7:30 pm


£15 with code TURI23

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

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