Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris PG

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Feb 28. 7.30pm

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Anthony Fabian / UK 2022 / 115 min / PG
Lesley Manville is Mrs Harris, a simple chirpy widowed London
cleaning lady. The film is a good old-fashioned story charmingly
told and acted set in 1950s London and Paris. Mrs Harris falls in
love with a £500 Christian Dior dress. She then resolves to work
more, scrimp and save in a determination to own this beautiful
dress. She comes into some money and sets off to Paris with one
all-consuming dream. There is a lovely, sweet natured sense of
fun in the telling of this tale, naivety, determination and her inner
grief at losing her husband are portrayed convincingly. The
supporting cast is terrific in this beautifully produced uncynical film.

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7:30 pm


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Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

  • A good old-fashioned story, charmingly told