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Official Competition 15

Official Competition

Official Competition

March 7 7.30pm

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Mariano Cohn and Gastón Durpat / Spain 2022 / 115 min / 15 /
Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas star in this deliciously
comic movie industry satire. Cruz plays Lola, a celebrated but
eccentric director, who hires two famous egotistical male leads,
Felix from films (Banderas) and Ivan, a famous stage thespian
and pushes and provokes them into competing via a series of
radical and often bizarre rehearsal exercises, honing them for her
latest ‘Rivalry’ film project. Tipped for awards, Official
Competition garnered a rare 8 IMDb rating and 96/81 on Rotten
Tomatoes. In Telegraph film critic, Tim Robey’s words, this comic
gem is “a beautiful, uproarious roasting of film-world vanity”. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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7:30 pm


£8.5, £9.5

Official Competition

  • Uproarious!