Roise and Frank

Roise and Frank PG

Roise and Frank

Roise and Frank

May 16, 7.30pm

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Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy / Ireland 2022 / 84 min / PG /
Described as “warm, whimsical and wonderful” this shaggy dog
story (sorry!) tells the tale of a bereaved woman who believes
that her late husband Frank has been reincarnated as a dog,
who, predictably, is adorable. Like her late husband, the dog
enjoys steak and sitting in his favoured chair – so far, not
unexpected. But he also enjoys hurling, Frank’s favourite sport.
When he coaches a shy local kid to become a star player the
dog gains local favour. But mild peril arises when an amorous
neighbour feels displaced in Roise’s affections…

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7:30 pm


£8.5, £9.5

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

  • Whimsical, wonderful