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Serial Killers and Psychopaths Night

Serial Killers and Psychopaths Night

Serial Killers and Psychopaths Night

Serial Killers and Psychopaths Night

July 5/6

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This two-hour talk will focus on investigating the darkest criminal minds and as always… guaranteed to shock. Hosted by serial killer expert and research psychologist Cheish Merryweather

Featuring: Dennis Nilsen, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mary Ann Cotton, Joanna Dennehy, Richard Kuklinski, Beverly Allitt, Richard Chase, Ted Bundy and more…

Topics include:

– Serial Killer Motivations

We look at the top 10 motivations behind serial murder

– Serial Killer Couples

When romance turns deadly…

– Where are you on the psychopath spectrum?

Live psychopath testing on the night!

– How to defend yourself against a psychopath

Based on the research of Dr. Robert D. Hare – here’s how not to fall into the psychopath’s trap

– Your brain on true crime!

How healthy is binge-watching true crime and will it turn you into a killer?

– Where did all the serial killers go?

We look at the demise in serial killing over the past few decades – and are we due another boom?

– 7 Stages of Evil

Find out the 7 steps to becoming truly evil (…and how to make sure you never go that far!)

Based on psychiatric evaluations, courtroom transcripts, witness testimonies, crime scene evidence and criminal profiles; we will closely detail what goes on in the mind of the most notorious cold-blooded killers.

Running time: 2 hours + interval

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7:30 pm



MET Studio

  • Guaranteed to shock