Soul Sisters – The Musical

Soul Sisters – The Musical

Soul Sisters – The Musical

Sat 26 Mar, 7:30pm

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Friendship. Fame. Betrayal.

Soul Sisters is the exhilarating new soul musical that will take you on a journey of success, survival and sisterhood, set to the toe-tapping music of a Soul Weekender.
Have you ever felt like you want to turn back the clock 30 years and party with your best friends? Our three stars of the stage and screen are about to do just that. Set in a holiday camp chalet at a Soul Weekender, we follow a 70s smash-hit making band, The Fabulettes, as they seek to reclaim that elusive closeness they once shared as starry-eyed teens.
Our stars, Alma, Moira, & Rachel, have known each other for 30 years yet nothing can prepare them for tonight’s revelations. They face the real, honest truth and express themselves in the only way they know how – through the very music that brought them together.
If real friendship is about accepting your friends as they truly are, then perhaps first they must learn to accept themselves.
Soul Sisters is the funky, feel-good original musical from writer David Kent and the producers of hit comedies Hormonal Housewives and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
“A musical rollercoaster – it’s light-hearted, fun, relatable and FULL of soul”
Let your soul sing out and book your tickets today for the UK Tour that everyone is raving about.

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7:30 pm



Stafford Gatehouse Theatre