The Bench: A Tale from Paradise Heights

The Bench: A Tale from Paradise Heights

The Bench: A Tale from Paradise Heights

The Bench: A Tale from Paradise Heights

February 2, 7.30pm

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It’s just a bench in the park, the one by the war memorial. A thief, a fake clairvoyant, a homeless man, two teenage burglars, a street sweeper, two war veterans, an artist, a widow, a drug dealer, a real clairvoyant, a loan shark, an angel and a ghost. They’ve all sat here at least once this year. Before the end of the year one of them will be murdered here…

A comedy of love, life and loss.  Age 16 plus due to adult language and themes.


Entirely gripping, utterly enthralling. A play like Joe O’Byrne’s comes along to remind us all what really matters

Steve Balshaw, Grimmfest

Loved it! Wonderful gags out of left field, intrigue, suspense, heart-rending scenes and heartwarming moments. A great night of theatre! Do more!

David Slack, Manchester 24/7 Theatre Festival

Like Jim Cartwright, O’Byrne has a knack of finding poetry in the most ordinary situations; he also has real affection for his characters, and they feel like flesh and blood people.

Steve Timms, Whatsonstage.com

The quality of production and script we would expect to see on the main stages of our region’s theatres

David Chadderton, British Theatre Guide

Highly recommended and a play and writer that will surely go on to greater things

Kevin Bourke, Manchester Evening News

When are TV commissioners going to wake up and find Joe O’Byrne?

Stephen Kingston, The Salford Star

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7:30 pm


£14.5, £18.5

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre