The Shock of the Old

The Shock of the Old

The Shock of the Old

The Shock of the Old

April 4, 2023

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Terence Blacker has been stressing over how to grow old happily and with style ever since
he got his bus pass and, frankly, months of lockdown have not improved his age-anxiety one
In this funny and perceptive new show, Terence faces up to the joys and pains of the passing
years with songs, quotes, and anecdotes. It’s as if Victor Meldrew met Tom Lehrer for a
none-too-serious debate about the meaning of life.
It’s a spirit-lifting and timely celebration of the art of not taking the ageing process lying
down – about being, in the words of one of Terence’s songs, ‘not quite done’.
Does The Shock of the Old finally reveal the great secret of the coming of age? Possibly not,
but Terence Blacker shares a world of fun, warmth and wisdom looking for it.

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7:30 pm



MET Studio

  • Incredibly funny - whatever your age