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Totally Tina

Totally Tina

Totally Tina

Totally Tina

May 11, 7.30pm

Selling Fast

Justine Riddoch is the creator and driving force behind Totally TINA and is the Supreme tribute to Tina Turner.

Their entire Cast and Production Team have spent many years creating a show to simply ‘wow’ audiences by endless studying of Tina’s own live performances to bring you the very best, faithful and explosive tribute to the “Queen of Rock n Roll” Tina Turner

Totally TINA isn’t just Justine, it’s about everyone around her helping to create the best representation possible of the brilliant Tina Turner. The show includes a fantastic live band, authentic dance routines and stunning hand-made replica costumes with our own custom twists along the way. Now couple this with the only tribute to Tina Turner in the UK or Europe travelling with a full touring production dedicated to the faithful replication of Tina and it’s a winning combination!

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7:30 pm



Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

  • Yes, it's a cliche, but this really is THE BEST