Youth Theatre

Youth Theatre

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the Gatehouse Summer School, which began way back in 1982. 😃 

If you’ve ever wanted to take to the stage, this is the perfect first step.

For further information, call 01785 619080 or email alison.young@freedom-leisure.co.uk

There’s still time to get involved – just contact Alison Young on 01785 619080 or email alison.young@freedom-leisure.co.uk

What is the Gatehouse Youth Theatre?

The Gatehouse Youth Theatre is a Youth Theatre Company based at The Gatehouse Theatre that works with young people aged between 7 and 18 across Stafford. We work with professional staff to create and produce a broad range of high quality theatrical experiences. The most important aspects of our work are the teaching and learning of theatre skills and the personal development and growth of every member. We create work in a professional, nurturing environment. Our main focus is working as an ensemble – working together as a company.

General Information: Who’s Who?

Nicholas Earnshaw Director / Georgina Briggs Director /  Denise Tomlin & Alison Young Administrators / Charlotte Homer – Lead Chaperone

The Gatehouse Youth Theatre Group Times

Tuesday  7pm – 9pm  Musical Theatre Group (Aged 12-18yrs – Secondary)

Wednesday  5.15pm – 7.15pm  Gatehouse Juniors Group (Aged 7-11yrs – Primary)

Thursday  5pm – 7pm Gatehouse Juniors Group (Aged 7-11yrs – Primary)

Thursday 7:15pm – 9.15pm  Plays Group (Aged 12-18yrs – Secondary)

Who we are

The Gatehouse Youth Theatre actively engages and encourages local young people aged 7 – 18 from all walks of life.  We involve them in skills development and performance within a professional context. Participants are encouraged to: Discover, Question, Explore, Create, Express, Laugh, Learn, Inspire and Be Inspired. We consult, act and deliver in response to our membership. Young People’s voices are not just heard, they are listened to. 

What you can expect from us

  • Regular workshops in theatre and drama: a place to play, experiment, have fun, acquire new skills, and challenge and surprise yourself.  A positive welcome for you, whatever your background, style, or beliefs. The chance to be in a Gatehouse Youth Theatre production, either as a performer or as part of the backstage team interesting way to meet like-minded people. Occasional events and activities such as trips, residentials, street theatre, Arts festivals. The opportunity to join The Gatehouse Youth Theatre’s creative leadership programme and develop your skills in facilitating groups, running drama workshops, and putting on shows. Organised trips to shows at The Gatehouse Theatre and other regional venues. The opportunity to receive discounts and special offers at the Gatehouse Theatre. The opportunity to creatively develop, explore and share your own work through the Grassroots Studio Events scheme.

From Scratch
Team Building
Social Skills
Building Trust
Ensemble Work

Off The Page
Script Work

Skill Zone
Learning new skills
Visiting workshops
Trips to theatre
Drama Festival

Group Information

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre group work on various projects throughout the year and focus on exploring musical theatre practices. Members will develop key skills such as singing and movement, acting through songs, developing harmonies, choral practices and writing for new musicals. Previous productions have included Songs For A New World, Be More Chill.

Gatehouse Juniors

Our Gatehouse Juniors group is open for all young people aged 7-11yrs old and offers an insight into drama and theatre skills. There is a big focus on fun and confidence building skills and an introduction to theatre. Previous productions have included Romeo & Juliet, Peter Pan.

Plays Group

Plays is a group that focuses on plays and text. Members will learn the process of how an actor approaches a text and how to bring the text to life. Each project the group will work with a director exploring a script; these may include things like traditional play texts such as Shakespeare, Brecht, Ibsen, Miller and Chekov or new play writer. Previous productions have included Silas Marner by Mark Wheeller, Tuesday by Alison Carr