Nick Stapleton – How to beat scammers

Nick Stapleton – How to beat scammers

Nick Stapleton – How to beat scammers

Nick Stapleton – How to beat scammers

Feb 13, 7.30pm

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Investigative journalist Nick Stapleton has spent over a decade delving into the shadows, unravelling scams, frauds and unethical practices. Nick has spent much of his career pretending to be somebody else, be it undercover as an employee working inside a dodgy business or posing as a customer on a sting operation.

As the presenter of BBC’s Scam Interceptors, Nick has witnessed the sheer scale of the scam industry. He’s seen behind the curtain and it’s clear, we can’t rely solely on authorities or banks to protect us.

In this unique evening, audiences can expect a revealing exploration of the murky world of scams and fraud, as Nick shares some essential strategies to make sure your money stays where it should, in your pocket.

Worryingly, the authorities convicted only 0.1% of fraud cases in Britain last year. With fraud representing over 40% of all crime, it’s never been more important to tool yourself up to fight back against these scammers.

This show isn’t just about awareness. It’s about action. It’s about protecting yourself and your family. Join Nick Stapleton on this eye-opening live show that promises to empower and protect us all.

Don’t Miss Out. Together, we can stop the scammers.

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