The Giant Killers

The Giant Killers

The Giant Killers

The Giant Killers

August 2, 7.30pm

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The Giant Killers is the critically acclaimed, inspiring true story of Football’s greatest ever underdog.

Set in 1870s Lancashire, amidst the poverty and social unrest caused by the cotton famine, Darwen FC rose up to become a shining beacon of hope for their town.

The first workers to ever compete in the FA Cup, a competition that has been exclusively played by the country’s wealthiest gentlemen to this point, they will face challenges both on and off the pitch.

This isn’t a tale of how the rich upper classes generously shared their game with the world – this is the truth. The workers have had their game – the old mob style football taken from them – they’ve had their incomes squashed but now they’ve found a space where they are allowed to fight back. In the early rounds they are drawn against The Remnants – an opportunity to become the FA Cup’s first-ever Giant Killers.

But if they win they face the game’s greatest Giants – The Old Etonians.

While the workers of the town prepare to strike, the football team becomes their representative – a chance to show the world that they are worth more than what they are being given and that they are just as good as their wealthy opponents.

Four actors bring to life the incredible cup run that would change not just football, but the country – forever.

Part love story, part social history, part recreation of the greatest football match you’ve never heard of.

The Giant Killers is a rip-roaring show full of spirit and passion that will ignite a fire in everyone – whether you know the offside rule or not.

14+ age guidance

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  • The greatest football match you've never heard of