Candlelight Series Abba

Candlelight Series Abba

Candlelight Series Abba

Candlelight Series Abba

January 24, 7.30pm

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‘Step into a world of timeless melodies and nostalgic harmonies as ‘The Candlelight Concert Series’ transports you to an enchanting musical realm inspired by the legendary pop sensation, ABBA.

Immerse yourself in the magic of ABBA’s greatest hits, brought to life by sensational West End singers accompanied by a dynamic live band.

Picture a stage adorned with shimmering candlelight, casting a warm andintimate glow that perfectly complements the iconic tunes filling the air.

Enjoy the magical ambience that transports you to the heart of ABBA’s heyday with classics such as ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Waterloo’. This unique concert experience promises a nostalgic experience like no other, blending musical excellence with the unparalleled charm of a candlelit celebration. Unleash your inner dancing queen and relive the magic of ABBA in a way that transcends the ordinary. Join us for an evening of harmonious nostalgia, where the timeless tunes of ABBA are set ablaze by the radiant glow of ‘ABBA by Candlelight.’

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Fri 24 Jan 2025 7:30 pm £34 Book

7:30 pm



Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

  • A night of ABBA like never before