Kevin Precious – The Reluctant Teacher

Kevin Precious – The Reluctant Teacher

Kevin Precious – The Reluctant Teacher

Kevin Precious – The Reluctant Teacher

May 24, 7.30pm

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Teachers! No-one understands you, right? You’ve got the kids, the parents, the head? If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. KEVIN PRECIOUS got out. After years of teaching, he lived to tell the hilarious tale – actually LOTS of hilarious tales.

He enjoyed the teaching part. He just didn’t enjoy all of the other stuff that went with it. So he decided to leave and get his life back.

Join him as he explores the foibles of his former profession including the odd pedagogical swipe (phew!) in the process.

Teachers are exiting the profession in droves. Dissatisfaction with the ridiculous levels of paperwork and accountability, an overly-prescribed and increasingly narrow curriculum, and the foibles associated with the ever-advancing Academy system; all proferred as reasons. All of this subject matter finds its way into Kevin’s new show, ‘The Reluctant Teacher’. Of course, There will also be plenty of lighter stuff based around the day-to-day experiences of being a teacher to ensure things don’t become overwrought.

Here are some of the things other teachers, and teaching bodies said about Kevin’s previous teaching show:

‘Highly entertaining for teachers and non-teachers alike. Funny, witty, nicely cynical – and only occasionally Not Appropriate. This is for those old enough to sit inside the staff room.’ – Fiona Moss, Executive Officer NATRE National Association Teachers of Religious Education

‘I booked Kevin for him to deliver his ‘Not Appropriate’ gig to our whole staff team at our recent INSET. Kevin was appropriately funny and the staff quickly warmed to the event. Staff mentioned after that it was the best INSET ever. SLT said it was good too. As for Kevin, it is a real testimony to Kevin’s ability as a comedian he had us in stitches and the way he ad-libs and feeds off the audience is amazing. I would definitely re book Kevin for future events.’ – Julie Bellamy West Heath School, Sevenoaks

‘Using all his years of experience, Kevin had our teacher’s eating out of the palm of his hand. His uncanny observations of both students and teachers had the audience in raptures.

‘If you are a teaching agency that is bored of just inviting their teachers to the pub at the end of term and want to put on a show; Kevin provides the ideal act. It allows you to have a theme for your event, shows you care, as you want to do just more than buy them a drink, and most importantly, everyone has a ruddy good laugh.’ – Marios Georgiou, Chairman Step Teachers Ltd

‘Instantly recognisable stage presence and boundless wit’ (Leicester Mercury).

‘Kevin’s stage charisma and poise set him head and shoulders above the previous acts’ (Times).

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  • The joys of being a teacher - then quitting