Kevin Quantum 2024

Kevin Quantum 2024

Kevin Quantum 2024

Kevin Quantum 2024

May 27, 7.30pm

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Trained by Penn and Teller on a reality show that shot him from Edinburgh Lab Scientist to International showman, Magician Scientist and Adventurer Kevin has since performed for Royalty, broken Guinness World Records, been nominated at the Scottish Comedy Awards and, in the last 12 months alone, has appeared on TV shows around the world & reached the final stages of Britain’s Got Talent.

Explore the exotic space where science and magic meet with the magician-scientist-adventurer.

With over a decade of Edinburgh Fringe sell-outs, performances around Europe and tours of Australia, Kevin embarks on his first ever UK tour with an entrancing collection of unique magic inventions, stunning sleight-of-hand and beautiful (yet deadly) stunts in a show – inspired by science but targeted at humans.

Fizzing with energy and moving moments (scientifically and emotionally) Kevin swings effortlessly from edge-of-your-seat astonishment to belly laughs – culminating with the ‘flaming cannonball’ illusion; a deadly, reimagined version of a Newton’s Cradle – the science desk toy.

Regarded as a world-class showman and magic creator, Kevin entrances with an inspiring evening shrouded in mystery, intrigue and wonder.


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7:30 pm



Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

  • An incredible night out! How does he do it?