Stafford Film Theatre: R.M.N

Stafford Film Theatre: R.M.N 15

Stafford Film Theatre: R.M.N

Stafford Film Theatre: R.M.N

April 9 7.30pm

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Cristain Mungiu / Romania 2023 / 133 min / Cert 15 / Subtitles

R.N.M is directed by Cristian Mungiu, (famed for 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days which we showed a few years ago to critical acclaim). His latest film explores the live issue of inherent racism between and within many European ethnic communities. Mathias returns to his village in Transylvania from working in Germany where he experienced racism in the workplace. But his very mixed community is not above doling out similar treatment to Sri Lankans brought in to undercut local workers in a local bakery. Simultaneously, his family crises expose the anger within him and his community. As Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian) says the film is ‘is seriously engaged with the dysfunction and unhappiness in Europe that goes unreported and unacknowledged’ .

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7:30 pm


£8.5, £9.5

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre