Stafford Film Theatre – Tar

Stafford Film Theatre – Tar 15

Stafford Film Theatre – Tar

Stafford Film Theatre – Tar

September 26 7.30pm

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USA 2022 / 158 min / Cert 15

Cate Blanchett gives an Oscar nominated performance of renowned conductor/composer Lydia Tár, the fictitious first female principal music director of the Berlin Philharmonic. At the start of the film, she is at the top of her game, preparing to release her memoir and perform a live recording of Mahler’s Symphony No 5, whilst juggling work and family life. As the story unfolds her life begins to unravel due to forces she cannot control. Relationships, status and position in society are all threatened as Tár abuses the power she has on those around her.

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7:30 pm


£8.5, £9.5

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